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Dec 9, 2013 12:35am EST
guardian. >> the veins in the arteries, it really connects what is now the information economy in the united states. we are seeing data traffic on our networks increase at the rate of 40 cents per year. i would say america's future is a wireline future. >> the editor of the london- based newspaper the guardian testified this week. he defended his paper's decision to publish surveillance files provided by edward snowden. this is one hour and 20 minutes. >> chemical to me to order and welcome our witness for today session. you are giving evidence as part intoe committee's inquiry counterterrorism. thank you very much for coming here this afternoon. can i refer all those present to interestser where the of the defenders of this committee are omitted. can ask other members to declare any special interests? for've written two articles "the guardian" on this issue. i should say we are all "guardian" readers. some of us more avidly than others. we all declare our interest. i did read it this morning. can we just be clear at the start that there was reference to some newspapers are your b
Dec 8, 2013 10:05pm EST
. also, is this economy the best we can do? or can we get a breakout liberating this once again, to be the most dynamic income society in the world. also, are we going to continue to steal from our children and grandchildren, or is it time to get to a balanced budget by changing the government. the other issue is that it is not revel in right now or today and is the current policy of weakness and confusion really very reliable as a national security policy, or is the world dangerous in this way? the nature of the world, you remember that they can get on the front burner all the time. but that should be our national conversation. we should say to every democrat and republican and libertarian and socialists. this is the best that you think that america can do? and let me put it into context. sometimes i am impatient with my friends in washington. the recently the internal revenue service announced that it has spent $4 billion last year on crooks. it has sent that to crooks, refunds for your taxes. when i say the crooks, 585 checks were sent to one address in singapore. [laughter] they se
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2